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This gallery will continue to grow. Please see our blog site for the first updates as they are created.

Of course you are not limited to the standard images on show. Please talk to us about special painting subjects that are more suitable to you.

Depending on the hostess's wishes, paintings can be collaborative. The painting 4 Box Fruit for example, can be painted by four people, and there are couples' projects as well.





Spring Blossoms

Moonlight Flight

Awinya Sunset - a diptych (2 canvases that make up one image when hung together). This is a great couple's exercise, because the paintings have to be coordinated for the project to work. It calls on teamwork, negotiation and cooperation.

4 Box Fruit

Group project

6 Hearts

Group project

20 boxed Circles

Group project




Couples Fish

Couples Italy

Couples Wine



Eiffel Tower


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